To date, NMA/CO has invested more than $175,000 of private fundsbinto the Spring Creek Basin HMA and untold amounts of fuel and labor.


  • Negotiations and MOU work with Mesa Verde National Park for implementation of their livestock removal
  • Dedication ceremony for Temple Butte designation
  • Ongoing support of PZP in Spring Creek Basin HMA
  • Supported the naming and dedication of the “unnamed promontory” in Spring Creek Basin HMA to Temple Butte


  • Alternative Spring Break Donation and on the ground assistance
  • Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners Collaboration
  • Ongoing support of McElmo wild horses
  • Mancos Elementary Poem and wild horses project
  • Heroes & Horses Fundraising Event
  • Water delivery and support for Spring Creek Basin HMA
  • Durango Cowboy Parade, Booth and Outreach
  • Continuing conversations with Mesa Verde National Park for the safe outcome of their wild horses
  • Supported the naming and dedication of the “unnamed promontory” in Spring Creek Basin HMA to Temple Butte


  • Since January to present, NMA/CO has continued to assist with the gentling training of the McElmo wild horses.
  • Many of our board members have worked tirelessly to ensure their safety and well being. This has taken up much of our time and many resources – thank you to everyone for the support.
  • In March, NMA/CO once again donated to the Alternative Spring Break program, ensuring the continued fence repair and replacement in Disappointment Valley, CO, for the Spring Creek Basin herd.
  • In October, we attended the Durango Cowboy Parade for the first time, highlighting the versatility of the mustang.


  • In January, NMA/CO was invited to meet with Mesa Verde National Park officials regarding the wild horses. We were able to provide our input and insight in how to assist in the removal of the horses, with as little stress on the horses as possible.
  • Board members have been in communications with locals in the area regarding the possibility of sanctuary dedicated solely to the horses removed from Mesa Verde. -NMA/CO rescued two Jicarilla mustangs and rehomed them successfully.
  • In February board members met with BLM to an improved water source within the HMA. Ongoing work and planning is occurring and we’re hoping to have it done this summer.
  • In March, NMA/CO once again donated to the Alternative Spring Break program for SJMA, where University of Missouri students will be spending two days again in the basin continuing work on the eastern fenceline in the herd area.
  • In April, several board members met with folks that are tryin g to get a sanctuary up and running for the Mesa Verde horses when they’re removed. We are hoping this comes to fruition and are providing any knowledge we have to make it a successful reality. We are thankful to have dedicated people like this trying to find long-term solutions for the Mesa Verde horses.
  • We are always maintaining our connection with Spring Creek Basin and the years of protection we’ve provided for this specific herd. In the past, part of the herd area was nominated as an ACEC, Area of Critical Environmental Concern, because of some plants. Our office decided there were enough protections necessary in this area, and that no special management is needed. See our letter attached here, supporting that decision and maintaining the mustangs that call this area home as the primary resource to be managed.
  • We had a booth at a local tack sale, getting our name and mission to the public is something we work on everyday. Thank you to all for your support!
  • Water catchment funded by NMA/CO and worked on by volunteers – many, many years in the making! S
  • We installed beware of wild horses signs on CR G in McElmo, due to horses getting on to the road, in partnership with the county. Thank you to our supporters.


  • In February, several of our Board members traveled with other Wild Bunch members and our new herd manager at Tres Rios field office to Canon City, co, to tour their horse facility there. It was a very informative and beneficial trip.

  • In February, Board members started working on a bait trapping proposal to present to our local Tres Rios field office to hopefully implement bait trapping for our spring creek basin horses if needed. – NMACO donated to the 2014 alternative spring break program sponsored by San Juan Mountain Association for the past 17 years, which devoted two days as they have for the past several years, constructing new fence in the McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area of the herd area. Several of our members also helped with a work prep day to clear the fence line, and the two days the students were in the basin, constructing fence. It’s a very rewarding program, benefiting everyone involved.

  • NMACO Board members were asked to participate in a pilot program to assist with wild mustang herds across the nation. More to come.

  • In April, NMACO initiated discussion with the Mesa Verde National Park Service regarding the horses within the park. Some of the park personnel have been very generous in their time. More to come on this project.

  • June, the last two ponds from our 2008 priority list, in collaboration with our partners in the Disappointment Wild Bunch, were dug out! It was a joint effort between our Tres Rios office and the Forest Service. Thanks to all that made this happen. These ponds should now better hold water.

  • The bait trap proposal in partnership with our Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners, was submitted in August 2014 to several managers within BLM. NMACO funded all proposals sent to begin preparations to use bait trapping in lieu of helicopter roundups.

  • In August 2014, NMACO signed on with several groups, including the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, to urge Mesa Verde NPS to supply water to horses during severe times of drought.

  • In December, our local Tres Rios field office initiated a scoping period.


  • In June 2013, we held a fundraiser in honor of long-time mustang supporter and Board member, Pati Temple. Approximately $8,500 was raised, all benefiting exclusively the Spring Creek Basin mustangs.

  • In June 2013, we received approval from BLM to have delivered 4,000 gallons of water to the catchment in the Spring Creek Basin herd area, paid for by NMACO.

  • In September 2013, NMACO, one of the groups in Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners, joined in signing the MOU between DWBP and BLM, to continue our programs and protect our beloved spring creek basin mustangs.


  • Construction of fence line along southern portion of HMA adjacent to the county road (this was done in 1994 by Richard Sewing before the formation of the Colorado chapter of NMA).

  • 1997 – formation of NMACO chapter.  Removal of hazardous fence line bisecting the entire Spring Creek Basin herd area.

  • Construction of water catchment that allowed for much improved water quality (off-site mitigation for loss of access to Disappointment Creek).

  • Invited equine vet from ASPCA in Manhattan to Spring Creek Basin herd area to observe and socialize with BLM during gather.  Purchased and delivered supply of new cowboy boots for the inmate equine training program at Canon City, Colorado; provided training materials and subscriptions; provided a four-day training clinic with Bryan Neubert (renowned wild horse trainer utilizing natural horsemanship techniques) along with equine education subscriptions for the staff and inmate trainers.

  • Advertising, promotion and volunteer help at adoptions, including training demonstrations and take-home training materials for successful adopters.

  • At the invitation of BLM, NMACO acquired the grazing permit from a willing livestock producer within the Spring Creek Basin herd area (two years of fundraising $40,000), which led to the successful reduction of forage competition for all ungulates, by acquiring 400 aums and donating them for permanent retirement, thereby improving range conditions.

  • Remote gate construction on Spring Creek Basin herd area boundary.  Continuing fence repair and maintenance; weed control (tamarisk) and help with weed inventory within the herd area (Russian knapweed and musk thistle).

  • Removed an illegal boundary fence line and constructed new fencing in the correct place (adjacent to the former Hughes ranch along County Road 19q).

  • Provided accurate census and continuous monitoring of the herd; gathered pertinent information about PZP (fertility control drug); purchased a dart gun; provided trained volunteer to participate in BLM’s immunocontraception program in Spring Creek Basin herd area; implemented a birth control program conducted by TJ Holmes.

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