Support the placement and adoption of these magnificent animals.
As we work to set a science-based precedent in the humane gathering, gentling and placement of wild horses on public lands.
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NMACO is currently engaged with the National Park Service for the placement and adoption of the Mesa Verde Wild horses.

Our mission is to preserve and protect horses in the wild and to promote conscious and humane herd management.

NMACO has been instrumental in the successful management of the Spring Creek Basin HMA for over 20 years. Our partnership with the BLM has created a stable herd population and improved range conditions.

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Please join us in support of this once-in-a-lifetime project to secure safe and appropriate homes for the 60+ wild mustangs of Mesa Verde. 

Colorado Herd Areas

Mesa Verde

Horses have lived in the canyons and mesas of Mess Verde National Park mesas for hundreds of years, long before it became a national park. Some historians believe that the Mesa Verde horses trace back to the original Spanish horses of the exploring conquistadors.

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Spring Creek Horses

The Spring Creek Basin HMA is in Disappointment Valley in southwest Colorado, between Norwood and Dove Creek.

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Sand Wash

The Sand Wash Basin HMA is in northwest Colorado, about 45 miles west of Craig.

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Little Book Cliffs

The Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range is located in northwest Colorado, about 8 miles northeast of Grand Junction.

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Piceance-East Douglas Horses

The Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area is in northwest Colorado, southwest of Meeker and east of State Highway 139.

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Success Stories



Traveler, the beautiful grey stallion in the Spring Creek Basin Herd was a magnificent and iconic representation of the wild horses who roam the west.


Chief and Royal

Learn about how these two mustangs gathered from the Jicarilla Forest where able to stay together in a life where they can thrive.



Tanq the horse able to face his issues and slowly, calmly and patiently retraining his fears into confidence and curiosity.


Photography by TJ Holmes

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