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As many people know rescuing wild horses is not a job for sissies.  It’s hard, sometimes frustrating, at times very sad, often complicated, and most of the time very costly.

There are no words to describe: the joy of seeing a wild mustang gallop away at full speed after being released to a forever sanctuary; seeing a starving and neglected mustang rescued from an abusive situation and finding a new life with a loving home; experiencing the deep sadness but relief of helping an ill or irreparably injured mustang transition humanely to a compassionate end; bottle feeding an orphan foal and see it come back to life and health; being a critical and successful part in the support and lobbying efforts for the wild horses that desperately need our help.

If not you then who?

We at NMACO invest our time, energy and money because we deeply care.  We do not get paid to do this.  It is our (and many others’) heart and life work. If not us who? 

This is a very big project and we simply cannot do it without you.

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Together We Show These Horses The Dignity They Deserve

We need funding for this project.
The budget is projected to be well over $100,000. Any donation you can make, large or small, will help us reach this goal.All money you give is tax deductible.

Time, Energy, Money…

Support NMACO with your gifts of time, energy and money to help us compassionately and intentionally create new lives for the horses of Mesa Verde National Park.  This is a very big project, these horses need our help and we simply cannot do it without you.

Please check out the Mesa Verde Page on this website to lean more.

We need volunteers to help with the current Mesa Verde Project.  Volunteers will need to be Park “certified” (we can arrange for this with the Park).  We will need volunteers to help feed and oversee the gathered horses while they are being evaluated for sanctuaries, foster homes, and/or training. .

We are developing a list of trainers to help new adopters.  They will need to understand the unique needs of untouched mustangs.

Killian gives Apollo kisses.
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